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©2019 by Kesha D. Williams, PhD., The Science Mentor


Where I share what I've learned and continue to explore!


Doing what I love! Working with students as they explore the wonderful world of science!


A few sites for additional help in math and science. 


Free and not so free resources and activities you can use to engage students in science.

Greetings and Welcome to my pages, 

where I share what I’ve learned along the way and what I continue to discover. Most of all, it’s my way of sharing great ideas in science with curious minds! Thank you for taking stopping by for a visit!

Who Am I?

My name's Kesha Williams, a silly secondary science teacher better known as Doc to my students. Well...former full-time science teacher turned curriculum and lesson writer, private tutor, and author. I took a huge step and left the full-time classroom and the obstacles that kept me from really working with my students the way they needed.  I now feel that I’m helping every one of my students meet their full potential and have fun along the way.

What Do I Do?

That’s a loaded question!

Think of all of the things you wanted to try or do or write but don’t have time to pursue. I always told myself that I’d get to it during the summer. Well, after hibernating and getting reacquainted with family the first half of the summer break, I was back to researching and developing lessons and plans the second half of the break.


Wow! That time went by fast!


Now, I’m able to dive into areas I wanted to before and explore new ones. I’m able to attend workshops that will help me to grow, write lessons for my students as well as an independent contractor, and work with new teachers as they join our profession.

The best part is that I get to teach!

I get to teach students without the obstacles that kept me from really working with each of them the way they needed me to while in the classroom.  I now feel that I’m helping every one of my students meet their full potentials and have fun along the way. I tutor students in all areas of science, primarily high school. These lessons can be group lessons, one-to-one, or small classes for homeschool communities. The cool part is that I will use the lessons and curriculum that I develop with students, perfect, and share!