Florida, USA

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©2019 by Kesha D. Williams, PhD., The Science Mentor


A Bit About Me

Greetings and Welcome to my pages, where I share what I’ve learned along the way and what I continue to discover. Most of all, it’s my way of sharing great ideas in science with curious minds! Thank you for taking stopping by for a visit!

Who I’m I?

My name’s Kesha Williams. I’ve been a secondary science teacher for over 17 years. I took a huge step and left the full-time classroom and the obstacles that kept me from really working with my students the way they needed me to. I now feel that I’m helping every one of my students meet their full potentials and have fun along the way.

What do I do?

That’s a loaded question. Think of all of the things you wanted to try or do or write but don’t have time to pursue. If you are anything like me, I KNEW I’d get to it during the summer. Well, after hibernating and getting reacquainted with my family the first half of the summer break, I was back to researching and developing lessons and plans the second half of the break. Wow! That time went by fast!


I’m able to dive into areas I wanted to before and explore new ones. I’m able to attend training and workshops that I feel will help me grow. Most of my time is spent developing online science curricula and writing lessons and assessments as an independent contractor.

The best part is that I get to teach!

While I’m no longer in the classroom full-time, I teach high school chemistry and physics online, am an online adjunct professor for graduate-level education classes, and tutor science online. My private tutoring lessons can be group lessons, one-to-one, or small classes for homeschool communities. The cool part is that I will use the lessons and curriculum that I develop with students, perfect, and share!

I hope there’s something from these pages that’s helpful, or at minimum, interesting!